Benjamin G. Roach

Environment Artist / Level Designer 東京都

I am a passionate game developer specializing in quality Environmental assets & Props.

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After finishing my formal game development studies in Canberra, Australia I engaged in internships, mod projects, and freelance work until I was lucky enough to land a position in Tokyo, Japan working on both games and movies.

Within months I was promoted to team leader for Props & Environmental art. This position exposed me to many different types of projects ranging from high-poly cinematic characters to real-time environment assets. This has allowed me to learn a wide range of skills but, more importantly, it has helped me find my true passion.

This experience working on both games and movies (and therefore gaining experience with the different processes involved in both) has granted me my own unique workflow, style, and broad scope of capability, allowing me to achieve a fantastic result.



Fromsoftware Square Enix Sega Marvel Sprite Animation Studios OLM Digital Omnibus Japan Octoshark Studios Level-5 Netflix NHK Nooby Island


Autodesk 3ds Max Adobe Photoshop Pixologic zBrush Quixel Suite Unreal Engine 4 3D Coat Substance Painter & Designer Source Engine xNormal Crazy Bump Speed Tree World Machine Unity


Low poly modeling Subdivision modeling High poly sculpting Hand painted textures PBR Material generation UV Unwrapping Level design & layout lighting arrangement Terrain construction & texturing Re-topology