Final Fantasy XV / Kingsglaive

In this scene I modeled and textured the large Grim Reaper statue inside the aquarium tank, as well as the props and clothing of the two sub characters standing behind the emperor.

For these two characters I modeled and textured their props,clothing and armour but not the base mesh character.

As a small team we modeled and textured the interior of this space ship. As well as the destroyed version.


Based off high quality concept art provided by the team at Square Enix, I was initially tasked with modeling and texturing the equipment, armour and clothing for the two Nifilheim sub characters that are reused in many variation throughout the course of the movie.

My next objective was to model and texture a very intricate Grim Reaper statue made of a bronze type metal that would be submerged in an aquarium tank. This pieces was of high priority as it serves as the focal point for the entire scene.

*I did not create the artwork inside of the picture frame.

Finally as part of a small team we had to model and texture the interior of one of Nifilheims drop ships. We also had to create damaged versions as the ship was slowly falling apart.

It was a great learning experience and an absolute honor to work alongside the talented professionals at Square Enix Tokyo. I have also worked on environment for Final Fantasy XV cinematics, but as the game is not yet released, I can not share it.


Square Enix


In game cinematic, Feature Film


3ds Max, Zbrush, Photoshop