Minamo, School at Water's Edge

The main concept artwork. By Wizards of the Coast/Magic: The Gathering.

A Stone lantern I designed to fit in with the style of the Minamo Temple. I will later use this to decorate the level with lighting effects.

I modeled, sculpted and then textured this in Quixel using the PBR Metal/Roughness workflow. I tried to adjust the mesh to match with normal map details to pull more silhouette value and realism from this low poly model. It has been rendered in Unreal Engine 4 under various lighting setups.


This is a private team project on Unreal Engine 4 with two other coworkers: a character artist, a technical artist and me the environment artist.

Our goal is to create this scene taken from Magic: the gathering card artwork. The end goal will be an optimized and interactive experience inhabited by creatures with advanced water effects.

My personal targets are to create all of the stone land forms, temple buildings and foliage. The style will be a challenging balancing act between Japanese/East Asian architecture and natural environment with a large fantasy influence.

As this is a very large project, I will post individual assets as I complete them.


Lead Environment Artist


Collaborative team work